Anya and the ghost

This is a story of a girl named Anya and the ghost. On her way back from school to home Anya fell into a hole and met a ghost. At first Anya didn’t like the ghost and didn’t have any interest to keep in touch with it. A guy rescued Anya from the hole. The ghost followed Anya without her knowledge and while she came to know that the ghost was with her Anya got completely pissed off. Anya had exams in her school but she hadn’t prepared for it hoping that she won’t be going to school but unfortunately her mother compelled her and sent to school thus she was sitting helpless in exam hall wondering what to write, it was then the ghost appeared in front of her  and offered to help her with the answers. Anya was delighted and accepted the offer and then started filling the answers with her help ( Emily – The  ghost). Gradually Anya and Emily became close to each other and started sharing their joys and sorrows.


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