Batman and Robin

One night some fifteen years ago Thomas Wayne, his wife and his son were walking home from a movie suddenly a thief stopped them on the way and threatened Thomas’s wife asking her for her necklace, immediately Thomas argued and fought with the thief for which he was shot dead. His wife seeing her husband dead started crying out for help for which she was also shoot by the thief. That little boy(their son) was left alone in front of his parents dead body. As years pass by Bruce (son) trains himself and becomes a master scientist and also trains his body for physical perfection until he is able to perform amazing athletic feats . His dad’s estate left him healthy. His disguise was to strike terror into the criminals heart and his wish was to become a creature of night and black, all this led him to deep thinking, as he was thinking all b about this suddenly a bat flies in the open window as he sees this bat he decides to become a bat for himself and thus is born this weird figure of the dark “THE BATMAN”.


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